Celebratory Post + A Demon’s Path – Chapter 100

Dear beloved readers,

Chapter 100. What a long journey we’ve been on. We started this novel off without thinking it’d receive this much love, but month after month, we read the comments and see the likes on our chapters, and it truly does warm our heart. This novel has garnered way more attention than we could’ve ever dreamed of. On a more personal note, there has been ups and downs with this novel; ups being that I honestly do love this novel and wish to see it succeed, downs being that I seriously considered dropping this novel at one point because I felt I needed space and it became more of a job than a hobby. But all in all, my love for the novel transcended whatever doubts I had and just encouraged me to push through to see this novel to the end.

In the coming months a great many exciting things will happen with Ling Xiao, and we expect every single one of you to enjoy it with us! There’ll also be an exciting announcement coming up in a few weeks, so do keep your eyes peeled for that! Also for those who want and can support us, please check out our Patreon page. It’ll help allow us to speed up our translation and add features to make your reading experience more pleasant.

Thank you for following us on this journey and thus, ends Book 1 of ADP. Without further ado, we bring you Chapter 100 in the life of Ling Xiao. Enjoy!

p.s.: to those who were waiting for this novel to hit Chapter 100 to binge read, now’s the time! Immerse yourself in Ling Xiao’s world 😏

Chapter 100 – RecoveryPatreon


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