Announcement + A Demon’s Path – Chapter 111

Before the release of today’s chapter, I would first like to inform our readers that we will currently be halting the release of A Demon’s Path until further notice. However, we will still be continuing with the release when the translator has her health back on track and as such, we hope you will be patient and wait for us until we return. Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you soon!

Greetings, readers! Today, we bring you Chapter 111 in the life of Ling Xiao. Enjoy!

Chapter 111 – Northern Jade Sect’s PastPatreon

6 thoughts on “Announcement + A Demon’s Path – Chapter 111

      1. No problem, im just making sure cause its been some time is all and another translator said they were going to do something and should be back by like a month or two ago. So idk of something happened to that translator either or they switched sites.

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  1. Just wondering, have you given up on translating this? I would hope you’ve since recovered your health and, since it’s such an interesting story, I was hoping its translation would continue.
    In my mind after violet there is probably some “immortal” level like in ISSTH where he can then travel to other continents/worlds.


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